Work with Me

If you have a writing or editing job that seems like a good fit, don’t hestitate to get in touch! Kate’s interested in editorial commissions, editing roles and long-term projects.

As an experienced journalist, she has written about everything from mountain climbing in Oman to island hopping in Cambodia, blockchain-for-good initiatives, emerging Asian artists, millennial style trends, and surprisingly beautiful power plants.

She also has experience launching new websites, newsletters and running several print magazines, including Ariana magazine in Hong Kong where she is the managing editor.

Contact her for rates and availability: kate (at) kate-springer (dot) com.

Springer Creative content agency
We’d love to work with you!

Kate also provides copywriting services to business around the world through her agency, Springer Creative.

Drawing from years of experience writing for international websites and magazines, the Springer Creative team produces everything from website to blogs, catalogs, social media, books, press releases, and custom publishing projects. 

As advocates of entrepreneurship, we also offer discounted media consulting services to new businesses that need help navigating the media landscape and effectively communicating their brand messages.

Contact us for rates and availability: kate (at) kate-springer (dot) com.