Move over Sydney — the Harbin Opera House is a work of art

The mind-bending ice sculptures at Harbin’s annual winter festival may have put the northern Chinese city on the map.

But this year, it’s the new Harbin Opera House that’s stealing the show.

From above, the blazing white 850,349-square-foot venue looks like an extension of the surrounding wetlands, waterways, and snowy terrain.

Inside, the bold and beautiful Harbin Opera House achieves zen aesthetics with contemporary white walls, atmospheric skylights and tons of timber.
Ma Yansong, founding principal of the Beijing-based MAD architectural firm which designed the structure, hopes the venue will inspire a more natural approach to architecture in heavily populated cities. Harbin is home to 3.4 million people.
“There’s an emotional aspect of architecture and urban space that’s lacking in modern architecture and urban planning,” says Ma.

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