This Hong Kong Bar Owner Learned How to Make Cocktails on Wikipedia

Little Lab—which specializes in Chinese twists of classic cocktails—got famous for a cocktail that played on sweet pork knuckle and vinegar stew.

If you accidentally walked past Little Lab, founder Cyrus Li wouldn’t blame you. The buttonhole cocktail bar is a low-key space, with just a couple of high tops, vintage lamps, and a street art-inspired mural in the back.

The experimental Hong Kong spot specializes in Chinese interpretations of classic cocktails, using local ingredients and Asian infusions, such as oolong tea, lychee, and homemade ginger honey—and the concept was created by a bartender who learned most of his chops on Wikipedia. Well, kind of.

Li worked on the floor at Quinary, helmed by award-winning mixologist Antonio Lai, one of Hong Kong’s most decorated bartenders. Then 23, Li learned how to keep customers happy and the bar full.

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