What’s New in Wearable Tech Fitness Trends

Say goodbye to lazy days. The latest generation of wearable technology promises to monitor your activities closer than ever before.

Pop to It

One of the most fashionable fitness watches out there, the Activité Pop watch by Withings comes in cool colors and tracks your steps, sleep and more. The battery lasts for eight months, plus it has vibrating alarms and Bluetooth connectivity.
US$150 ($1,162) from www.withings.com.

Peak Condition

The Basis Peak looks a little sci-fi, but has specialty features such as a heart-rate monitor, auto sleep detection, auto-workout tracking, and call and text capabilities. In other words, it IS a little sci-fi.
US$200 ($1,550) from store.mybasis.com.

Get on Up

Considered among the most advanced trackers to hit the market, the Up 3 by Jawbone uses a heart sensor to track your heart rate, as well as automatically recognize and log workouts. Stay tuned for its release at jawbone.com.

Go, Go GoBe

Here’s something totally new: the GoBe watch by Healbe claims that it can accurately measure calories eaten and burned by using a state-of-the-art heart rate sensor as well as skin analysis. That’s right: it reads the glucose in your cells to calculate calorie intake. That means no logging or guesswork. Creepy.
US$299 ($2,325) from healbe.com.

Take Charge

The first Fitbit to include a heart rate monitor, the Charge HR has a five-day battery life, tracks your sleep, has caller ID, syncs wirelessly, and logs all kinds of workouts—from stairs to mountain climbing.
Stay tuned for its release at www.fitbit.com.


This article originally appeared in HK Magazine, in print and online.