The Baker Behind Macau’s Famous Egg Tarts

Although initially a Portuguese import, Macau’s egg tarts have a surprisingly English twist, and have transformed Coloane into a sort of pilgrimage for pastry-loving travellers.

Commonly considered a Portuguese import, Macau’s most iconic treat was actually born from the unbridled energy of an English pastry pioneer.

Visiting Stow’s unassuming bakery today and sampling one of his pastel de nata-inspired tarts – with their flaky pastry crusts, delicious egg custard centres and a crispy crème brulee tops – provides a window in the baker’s legacy, nearly 10 years after his death.

“He always blundered into everything and was fearless in the kitchen,” said Stow’s sister Eileen. “He was really like a six-year-old in an adult body, hence why he had no fear to change a well-known recipe to make it his own.”

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